EXTRA WASH (Value-Added Service)

  • Ideal for customers with increased debris-free requirement and is available for customers requiring a washed pallet
  • Pallets are carefully cleaned using high powered streams of water removing the dirt, mildew and fungus layer on the wood
  • Process does not use harmful chemicals, thus making it safe for the user
  • Power washing can restore the original color of the pallet
  •  EC-10VPT Model Specification
    SANCAR Green
    1200mm x 1000mm
        1200mm x 1000mm - Width 1000mm
        Length 1200mm
    Wood : Quality timber from plantation-grown species
        Paint : Water-based (Environment friendly)
        Nail : Imported twisted pallet nail
    Approximately 35 kg
    Nominal Load Capacity
    Static : 4 tons
        Dynamic : 1 ton