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 WELCOME to our official web site

Welcome to Messe & Handel Corporation's official website. Our company is engaged in rental of wooden and plastic pallet.Our product is of superior quality and it is known as SANCAR pallet.

We are the pioneer in the industry of pallet rental service and pooling system since 1997. With this, Messe & Handel has gained a vast experience in serving Multi-National and local companies in Philippines.

As member of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), Messe & Handel Corporation has been helping in the implementation of standardized pallet sizes and quality. Thus, giving companies the viable option and convenience to use pallets for variety of products while earning substantial long savings.

At present, Messe & Handel continues its journey in discovering new ways of improving its services to further cater to the enormous and changing needs of its consumers.

 CHOOSE a planet friendly pallet material that also meets your performance needs.
  • Good reasons for Renting or Using Pallet Pooling System
  • Seasonal Requirement - Supply & Demand
  • Helping the World Environment
  • No Storage Problems & Maximation of Warehouse Space
  • Standardized Pallets Sizes